Presentation Guidelines

It is mandatory for presenting authors to register for the conference.

Paper Presentation / Oral Presentation:

You will be allocated 08 minutes for your presentation followed by 2 Minutes discussion.

Poster Presentation:

  • Your poster shall be placed starting morning 9:00 am.
  • The poster size should be 4ft Height x 2.5ft width on solvent Inkjet Printing
  • Organisers will provide double sided tape for putting up the posters. Nailing of posters on the board is not permitted.

E Poster Presentation:

Recommended font size: 28pt or larger
Slide/Poster size: 40.97x23.04, which is a 16:9 ratio
E-Poster can be made in PPT Format (Total of 3 Slides)
Single or Multiple pages slides/may be used for poster
Multiple slides/pages should be used if there is additional content, images, graphs and videos that needs to be displayed on your poster.
If multiple pages are used, slides/pages need to either be timed or the “mouse click” option should be chosen for each slide/page to advance.

  • Videos, animations, graphs and images can be embedded into your poster.
  • Make sure to save all of your multimedia files on your flash drive and bring that with you to the event.
  • Embed exported videos as separate files (no internet available) may be displayed in the following formats: .mov, .mp4, .m4v, .avi, .mpeg
  • Layout needs to the in the landscape orientation

Video Presentation

  • It is mandatory for presenting authors to register for the conference.
  • Videos should be in AVI or MP4 or WMV formats only. The recommended minimum resolution is 800x600; higher resolutions are encouraged.
  • Duration of video should not exceed 8 minutes.
  • Video Presentation should be based on the original work of the presenting authors.
  • It is recommended that the videos be self-explanatory with an audio commentary in the background, and also preferably subtitles to the audio.
  • The Video should open with a title and listing of authors. It is recommended that a short title and operating surgeon/ institution be noted on the bottom of the video throughout its length, to ensure continuity.


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